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Dr. Hui-Lin Sun

Dr Hui-Lin Sun PhD, Ms, BSc, RN

Assistant professor, School of Nursing, Mackay Medicine, Nursing and Management College.

Chief of Project Planning and International Cooperation.

Hui-Lin has a background in nursing. She trained as a nursing in Taiwan and registered as a nurse in 1988 and having worked for two years in Taipei Veteran’s General Hospital in Taipei, Taiwan. After undertaking a first degree then MSc in nursing at National Taiwan University Taipei, She has over thirteen years of experience in higher education and was employed as a lecturer in nursing at Mackay Medicine, Nursing and Management College in 1999 and gained a financial support by Mackay Medicine, Nursing and Management College in 2006. This enabled her to fund her full time PhD study at the University of Ulster into perinatal bereavement care. In 2009, Hui-Lin gained her PhD at the University of Ulster.

She has presented the findings from her study at Ireland’s Annual Midwifery Joint Conference in Ireland in 2006, the RCM annual conference, Brighton in 2007, International stillbirth Conference, Birmingham 2007, The 24th Annual Nursing Research Conference in Taipei in 2008, International stillbirth Conference in Oslo in 2008, The 12th East Asian Forum of Nursing Scholars in Tokyo in 2009 and Normal labour and birth: 4
th Research conference in England in 2009.

She is currently working as a assistant professor in nursing at the Mackay Medicine, Nursing and Management College and has a keen interest in bereavement care and clinical education in midwifery and nursing practice.

Further Information on Hui-Lin’s PhD is available in pdf format.