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Dr. Hora Soltani

Dr Hora Soltani is a Principal Research Fellow in the Centre for Health and Social Care Research at the Faculty of Health and Wellbeing. She is currently co-leading the Commissioning theme within the centre as well as actively contributing to maternity research and supervising several doctorate students.  Hora has worked in various clinical and research settings as a staff midwife and research fellow in hospitals, universities and a Health Authority.

She contributes to maternity research by writing, peer reviewing and being a member of editorial and international review board of several journals (e.g. 'Evidence Based Midwifery Journal', 'Midwifery' and 'Maternal and Child Nutrition'). Hora has interests in a variety of research methodology including qualitative, quantitative and systematic reviews. Her research interests include a range of public health and maternity research areas such as maternal and infant health and nutrition (with specific focus on weight, diabetes and breastfeeding), models of maternity care, management of third stage of labour. She has acted as the UK based principle investigator for a multi-centre international project called 'Structured Early Labour Assessment by Nurses' (SELAN project, led by Ellen Hodnett from Toronto University, Canada). In addition, she has been involved in providing consultancy in the development of evidence based guidelines by National Institute for Health and Clinical Excellence (NICE).