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Dr. Elaine Madden

Elaine, who is from Northern Ireland, registered first as a fever nurse in 1974 followed by general nursing in 1977. Shortly afterwards she completed her midwifery training (1979).  Her appointment as a Labour ward sister in 1997 was a significant career move that was then furthered by her appointment to the role of Practice Development Midwife two years later. This post enabled her to work towards the establishment and implementations of recommendations for caring for all women, but in particular for caring for those who were considered ‘high-risk’. Additional responsibilities included multi-professional networking and inter-professional teaching and workshops. She also established a weekly multi-professional meetings, monthly drills, multi-professional audit and introduced the neonatal resuscitation workshop. It was these multi-professional simulations that became the focus for her PhD research study. She graduated in 2009 from the University of Ulster.

In 2004, Elaine was appointed Lead Midwife for the maternity services; this lead to a strategic re-direction in maternity services. Currently she is the Head of Midwifery and Gynaecology at the South Eastern Trust (Belfast) and continues to focus on midwifery led care, multi-professional collaboration and teamwork with the clinical environment.