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Dr. Janine Stockdale

Janine qualified as a midwife in 1985, and worked mainly in the NHS within Northern Ireland, with three years working in the USA. In 2002 she received a training fellowship from the Research and Development Office of Northern Ireland; the purpose of the award was to study the application of motivation on sustained breastfeeding behaviour.
Preliminary work included the development of the Breastfeeding Motivational Instruction Measurement Tool designed to motivationally analyse the effects of current midwife instruction. Based on the findings of a motivational analysis, a innovative motivationally-enhanced version of routine breastfeeding instruction was developed (“Designer Breastfeeding”). Feasibility testing within a urban hospital and communities setting provided initial evidence of the motivational benefits of the intervention.

In 2007 she was awarded a PhD. by the University of Ulster for her research contribution to midwifery. Post-doctoral in 2009, Janine joined the academic team at Trinity College Dublin University. There she has been able to apply her instructional design expertise in relation to midwifery education, while at the same time continuing further development and re-engineering of the original ‘Designer Breastfeeding’ prototype.