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Florence Nightgale

Florence Nightingale is recognised as the most eminent and widely celebrated pioneer of the Nursing profession.  As part of the 2010 centenary anniversary events, the Florence Nightingale Foundation working with Department of Health & Social Services & Public Safety (DHSSPS), Health & Social Care Trusts, Schools of Nursing at the University of Ulster and Queen's University and the Royal College of Nursing in Northern Ireland are holding a centenary event in celebration of her life and work. 

This is possible the most prestigious Nursing event this year with themes of education, culture and thanksgiving providing direction for a weekend of celebration and remembrance.  A Nursing conference at the University of Ulster, Magee campus that explores the application of Nightingale's ideas to Nursing in the 21st Century, will open events at lunch-time on Friday 14th May 2010.  The aim of the conference will be to critically examine the relevance of Nightingale's ideas on Nursing in the 21st Century. 

The whole event is set close to the historic walled city of Londonderry where Florence Nightingale visited Magee College in 1867.  While the reasons are unknown, it is possible that she came to Ireland to visit her friend and fellow Nursing pioneer Agnes 'Una' Jones who lived in nearby Fahan, Co Donegal.

International keynote speakers at the Nursing conference will include Emeritus Professor Judith Parker from the University of Melbourne, Australia and Associate Professor Sean Clarke, University of Toronto, Canada.  Professor Parker is known internationally for her work in relation to nursing programmes, practice innovations and nursing research and Professor Clarke has published extensively on the nursing workforce and its impact on patient outcomes.  Other notable speakers who will be chairing sessions include Martin Bradley, Chief Nursing Officer for Northern Ireland, Sheila O'Malley, Chief Nursing Officer for Republic of Ireland and Mary Hinds, Director of Nursing & Allied Professions, Public Health Agency, N.I.

In addition to a range of scientific and scholarly papers delegates will have an opportunity to explore artefacts from the Nightingale era.  The Magee Visitors book, which contains Florence Nightingale's signature from the 1867 visit to Magee, which at that time was a Theological College, will be on display.  Many artefacts from the Ulster museum, audio visual material and texts such as 'Notes on Nursing' will also be available for viewing. Other artefacts from the early history of Nursing in Ireland and a recent film on the life and times of Agnes 'Una' Jones will also be presented. 

Please see attached the programme and booking form for your information, with very competitive rates.