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Our Background

The main objective of the DMRS is to provide quality support and guidance to doctoral and post doctoral midwife and childbirth (or related)  researchers regionally, nationally and internationally.


Full membership of the Society is normally
available to all registered, certified or licenced midwives, nurse-midwives or obstetric nurses from within higher education and practice development who hold a doctoral degree or are currently studying towards a doctoral degree from any institution worldwide. However, others  involved in childbirth research are encouraged to apply for full memberhsip and each application will be considered on an individual basis.

Associate and Affiliated memberships are also available.

The Doctoral Midwifery Research Society (DMRS) has been founded by Ireland’s first Professor of Midwifery Research, Professor Marlene Sinclair at the University of Ulster, Northern Ireland and is currently funded by the Northern Ireland Research & Development Office.

Associate and Affiliated memberships are also available.

The Doctoral Midwifery Research Network Society was initially founded primarily for academic midwife researchers and their supervisors. However as the interest and membership has grown this position has been reconsidered and the DMRS is now open to receiving applications for membership from a much wider audience of childbirth researchers, policy makers and women's support groups. A warm welcome is extended to all interested parties whose primary aim is to develop knowledge, theory and practices that will enhance women's chances of experiencing an optimal birth regardless of mode of delivery. 

 Other academics and clinicians are welcome to join as affiliate members and to avail of the services and support networks that will be available.

A major commitment of the DMRS is to provide a platform for midwife and other researchers to undertake, present and disseminate research and implement the findings. This is in keeping with the strategic plan for research and development in Northern Ireland (HPSSNI, 2007) and the DMRS aims to play its part in:

  • Developing an enabling infrastructure to support midwifery and related research that will impact on maternity care, management and service delivery
  • Building the research confidence and skills of midwives and others working in the HPSS
  • Working in partnership with the HPSSR&D, related institutions and organizations to strengthen the quality and impact of midwifery and related research
  • Supporting midwives to develop models of dissemination to effectively transfer and diffuse key outcomes for public health arising from midwifery and midwifery related research
  • Ensuring patient and public involvement in HPSS R&D
The DMRS places a strong emphasis on doing and using research for the good of society and for the advancement of knowledge for childbirth practices.