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 Authors Guidelines
    Guidelines for Authors

This conference welcomes papers from  individuals, organizations and learned bodies that wish to share research data on new and emerging technologies that have a broadly based application to maternal and child health. For example, under Technology and Childbirth: papers on testing the use of electronic data capturing devices, diagnostic, monitoring and pharmaceutical developments. This also includes papers on the ethical and moral issues and patient safety. Abstracts are therefore invited in relation to the following four themes:
  1. Technology and Childbirth: Effective and Appropriate Usage

  2. Developing Midwifery Theory

  3. Medical Device Appraisal

  4. Safe Motherhood

Criteria for abstract selection:

Only abstracts that meet the following criteria can be considered by the Scientific Committee:

  1. The abstract must be about a research project (which can include technological development within maternal and child health) or research related issue such as methodology or theory development.

  2. Material presented in abstracts must be concise and the authors must be explicit as to what they intend to present.

  3. Abstracts describing empirical studies must outline the research process including when the data was collected, how it was analysed and a short summary of results. (NB. Incidences where no data has been collected may not be accepted).

  4. Abstracts reporting the results of research studies should be structured as follows:
    • a.  Background
    • b.  Aim
    • c.  Method (including ethical approval)
    • d.  Results
    • e.  Discussion
    • f.  Conclusion

  5. Statistics including sample size and power analysis method, if appropriate, must be included

  6. The abstract title should be short and clearly indicate the content (including an indication of research design for example. Cognitive Behavioural Therapy and Postnatal Depression: A Randomised Controlled Trial).

  7. Authors must specify how the paper will contribute to the development of knowledge, policy and/or practice within health and social care provision.

    • a.  The length of the abstract for all concurrent, poster and Viper presentations must adhere to the required word limit of 300 (excluding references)

  8. Abstracts must not contain information that leads to the identification of the authors; a blind review process will be applied.

  9. Up to three references can be cited and must follow the Harvard referencing system.

  10. The method of submission is via the on-line abstract management system

  11. All abstracts successfully up-loaded will be issued with a unique identification number. Authors will receive receipt of their submission (including the unique identification number). Authors are advised to retain this information in relation to further communication.

  12. The outcome of the scientific committee will be accessible via the on-line management system from the Friday 26th February. Successful presenters will be notified by email and authors can log on to this website from this date to check the status of their submission. Please note that the scientific committee’s decision is final in relation to:

    • a.  The acceptance and rejection of an abstract
    • b.  The mode of presentation offered
    • c.  The date and time of the presentation

  13. Registration for the conference is a requirement for ALL presenters and a pre-requisite to an abstract being re-produced within the conference documentation.

  14. The conference committee cannot meet any travel or subsistence expenses of those whose abstracts are successful.

Information Related to Mode of Presentation

When up-loading the abstract, authors will be asked to identify their preferred mode of presentation. Three modes of presentation are available; concurrent, poster and Viper:
  • a.  Concurrent presentation – a concurrent session paper is an oral presentation. The presenter will be allocated 15 minutes for the presentation followed by a 5 minute question and answer discussion. The overall concurrent session will be restricted to 20 minutes to enable the successful management of the overall conference.

  • b.  Poster presentation – a poster presentation are visual displays of materials to be presented; constituting an interactive medium. Preferably posters should be portrait rather than landscape; and NOT exceed 1 metre in width.

  • c.  Viper presentation – a Visual Presentation with Expert Review (Viper) presentation is a visual and oral presentation which provides increased opportunity for discussion. The Viper presentation is an excellent mode of presentation, accommodating diversity and innovation; taking the form of:

      i.  Presentation of a poster (5 minutes)
      ii.  Oral presentation
      iii.  Commentary by an expert in the field (5 minutes)
      iv.  Followed by 10 minutes of facilitated group discussion

Please note authors submitting a Viper presentation must identify a topic expert who has agreed to take up the role of expert reviewer.